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Private, Semi Private & Group Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS are an option to get your child swimming faster than in a group setting. We are able to customize the lesson to your child's needs and will see results very quickly! 

SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS are for a 30 minute shared lesson 

GROUP LESSONS are a way to keep cost low and give a group feel with a small class size. 

BEGINNER LESSONS are for ages 3 and up and are for children who need to get comfortable in water and don't have previous swim lesson experience. 

In these classes your child will learn to...

  • blow bubbles for breath control 

  • go under to retrieve swim toys

  • kick & learn scoops

  • float on their back

  • enter and exit the pool

INTERMEDIATE LESSONS are for children that know the basic skills, have had previous lessons and know how to float on their back.


In these classes your child will learn more advanced swimming skills as well as...

  • freestyle

  • breaststroke

  • backstroke

  • butterfly  

  • how to rollover to rest & tread water

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