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  • SUMMER START DATE - 6/3/2024

  • We are contacting families NOW to schedule lessons :)

  • Space is limited and will be prioritizing families that register early. 

  • BEST way to contact us is by email! ​​



In Home Private Swim Lessons
In the greater Phoenix area!

Our instructors drive to you and teach in your home pool! 

  • Customized lesson plans

  • Specialize in private instruction

  •  30 minute lessons

  • 20 years of experience

  • All instructors are CPR certified and complete our training program.

  • Centralized scheduling

  • Survival based learning

  • We offer private, semi private and group lessons up to 4 swimmers per class.



Thank you! We are back from our off season break and will be planning our 24 season in April! 

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Water Safety!

  • Make sure your gate is LOCKED at all times. Should be high enough that your young child can't reach it. 

  • Remove all toys from pool after swimming to reduce temptation. 

  • MULTIPLE barriers is KEY! Fence, locked gate, remove toys, high latch for back door w/ alarm. ​​

  • Remove all objects away from pool fence that a child could climb on to get over gate. 

  • Less than 4" gap from bottom of fence to ground.

  • Be careful with dog doors!! 

  • Have a designated person to watch the pool/kids during a party. 

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